Industrial Solutions - Innovative Applications

The company provides solutions in industrial level by designing and running innovative tools, systems, web-platforms. An example is the industrial symbiosis (IS) platform in which all the industries of a region are correlated and communicate, in order to exploit materials that may be considered as waste for one industry and can be used from a neighboring factory in order to produce energy or to re-use the exchanged material in their production chain. UK has achieved an industry boost of 3 billion €, by implementing such actions and using such IT platforms. Madisi experts have also conducted several studies that concern industries and can easily act as a high-level environmental consulting partner for companies that need quick, smart, sophisticated, accurate tools and methods in order to exploit their resources, to recycle and re-use their waste, to reduce their waste, to produce energy by using them or by using renewable sources of energy and to reduce their CO2 footprint and GHG emissions. We are also experts on monitoring the environmental impacts in aquatic ecosystems by the interventions of industry while we can provide solutions and technical assistance to industry's environmental projects that concern ship platforms and harbors (natural or artificial) that are used by industries.