Waste Management

The company’s experts have a vast experience in the holistic design and monitoring of all municipal waste aspects management as well as waste management on regional, national and international level. The company has an on going focus on identifying existing open calls and specializes in achieving the best outcome from the exploitation of funds from EU and international organizations in order to design and implement projects related to environmental protection, exploitation of waste as a resource and energy producer. Furthermore Madisi can produce and implement novelties in industries, municipalities, touristic units, craft, agricultural and livestock units. So far Madisi experts have participated in major waste management projects in Greece and Europe as well as in the Eastern Mediterranean. Significant experience is shared among our core expert team in the evaluation and exploitation of innovative tools that concern environmental protection (water and soil protection) from waste that are hazardous or not, liquid or solid, industrial or municipal. The company is running actions of both public and private stakeholders that aim on the exploitation of waste products in order to produce heat, energy, fuels.

The company’s experts have concluded several projects that are related with recycling, at Greek and European level, by adopting the new philosophy that demands “reduction at source”. We offer to local authorities, smart tools, equipment, ideas and policies for achieving the purpose of waste reduction from the producers. Madisi Ltd is capable of designing and monitoring the whole procedure of recycling that begins from households, moves upwards to municipalities, continues with the recycling industries, the markets of recyclables and closes the circle by involving several regional and national stakeholders. Currently and for over 14 years, our experts participate in European actions of research and development of novelty systems that can reduce waste, improve waste collection methods, reduce CO2 emissions and GHG’s, reduce energy, provide a more sophisticated and more energy-efficient recycling procedure. Our experience can provide high-end technologies that can be used by national and international organizations and can empower the efforts of achieving the national or international environmental targets set.

We offer services of design, management and implementation for the following sectors:

  1. Municipal waste
  2. Industrial waste
  3. Tourist accommodation waste
  4. Agriculture - livestock waste
  5. Hazardous waste
  6. Construction and demolition waste
  7. Circular economy - Resources efficiency